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Thursday, 14 October 2010

CPT – International IAG Developments

I, with colleagues, am involved in a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project which is now nearing completion. The project brief was ‘Developing an effective tool for career path of secondary school students to prevent unemployment and misemployment.’ The Career Path Test (CPT) brings together Holland’s RIASEC matching model and Dunn and Dunn’s Learning Styles Approach in an online questionnaire. The report is almost instantaneous. There are also curriculum materials to support the inventory, which we have developed as workbooks.

Find out more at the CPT website: www.cpteu.com

CPT is designed to enable young people to start the career planning process and it is especially relevant in countries where IAG in schools is not readily available. Partner countries are Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia and the UK. In piloting CPT, we initially thought that our role in the UK would be more of a ‘benchmarking’ exercise as schools do have IAG programmes and there are already established inventories available.

We are beginning to reconsider this position. Positive feedback, particularly around the learning styles aspect of the inventory, suggests that CPT may have more to offer in the UK than we anticipated. Alongside this, the current economic climate and the possible cuts to Connexions services mean that in some areas the Universal provision will be offered online. CPT may provide a useful starting point for young people, and could support other provision.

We would like to hear from you about how you see a tool like CPT fitting in with your provision of IAG.

Alison Fielding