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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Reading in silence and wonder!

Recently I read an article by Finn Thorbjorn Hansen and Norman Amundson (2009) which was inspirational! It is called, Residing in silence and wonder: career counselling from the perspective of ‘being’. The authors recognise the difficulty when asking for a more spiritual and moral approach to career counselling. Drawing on what is referred to as ‘philosophical counselling’ (p. 32) they argue for ‘felt presence’, and not rushing to solutions that close down the opportunity for more meaningful engagement. As an example of a deeply reflexive approach to career counselling that is truly centred on the ‘client’, they write about ‘stillness, openness and undoing’ (p.34), as is evident in the following reflection on the counselling process:

A session filled with activity needs to be tempered with a willingness to just “be” in the situation. Certainly this involves periods of silence, but it is more than just sitting quietly. At the most fundamental level it means that I need to have a sense of patience, self-assurance and confidence that the activities will be helpful if I just stay with them. This process proceeds at its own pace (often slower than I would like) and it is important that I don’t try to force the situation (p.33).

Inspired to read more?  The reference is below.
Hazel Reid

Hansen, F.T. & Amundson, N. (2009) Residing in silence and wonder: career counselling from the perspective ‘being’. International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, Vol 9, 1, 31-43.

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